Search for the Golden Dolphin
Ages 12/up (Cinegram Media)
Windows/Mac CD-ROM
         Based on a real family from Mystic, Connecticut, this CD-ROM adventure is both historically accurate and great fun. While solving challenging puzzles and learning about the ships of the early United States Navy, students are immersed in all things sea-going.
         Eight fascinating 3D adventures, five Tall Ships, and many colorful characters to interact with, provide a unique learning experience for children 12 and up. 
         This 2001 BESSIE Awards winner is Cinegram Media's answer to 'Doom'-instead of killing monsters, the child learns and practices many different learning skills, and has fun at the same time.  History, culture, navigation, weather, ocean currents, and an extensive reference section will intrigue anyone interested in the sea and the era of Tall Ships.  And match wits with the enemies of early America-if you dare!

Get A Clue Vocabulary Development Series
Mastery Edition 2.0
Ages 11/up (Lyceum Communications)
Website & Windows/CD-ROM
       Most vocabulary development program are drill and kill, dry as dust. But Lyceum's Get A Clue Vocabulary Development Series is truly a breath of fresh air.
       Based on the W.A.T.S. system (Words and Their Stories), this series of programs links words through inductive reasoning. The six key elements of the W.A.T.S. system are: Apply information contained in the derivation, draw upon prior knowledge, infer meaning from context clues, complete an analogy, and analyze context to complete a sentence. Students get immediate feedback, and, from our experience in a lab setting, even the most reluctant learners find this program interesting.
       A winner in ComputED Gazette's 7th Annual BESSIES competition, Get A Clue is designed for both middle school and high school students and is a worthwhile and well-thought-out program.

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