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         The ComputED Gazette is pleased to announce its 8th Annual Education Software Review (EDDIE Awards*) - awards which recognize innovative and content-rich programs which can be used by educators to augment the classroom curriculum and improve teacher productivity; or by parents and home-schoolers.  Last year's winners were selected from titles submitted by software publishers from around the world. Selection was based on academic content, potential for broad classroom use, technical merit, subject approach, and quality of management system. Deadline for submission of entries is June 6, 2003.
         At the conclusion of the awards, a list of winners will be released to the media locally and nationally, and posted at prominent educational websites and newsgroups on the Internet, including the ComputED website: computedgazette.com. Formal certificates will be awarded to winners, including digital and camera-ready promotional logos. Please indicate on the entry form  (1) if you would like the entries returned--and include return postage with the entry fee, OR (2) if your software may be used for previewing purposes. Clients will be referred to publishers for purchasing options.
         Software and website publishers interested in participating are invited to submit entries in all academic areas. Categories include:

  • Early Learning
  • Early Elementary
  • Upper Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School/Post-Secondary
  • Internet Tools
  • Educational Websites
  • Teacher Productivity Tools
  • Other

         Unlimited titles (Windows/Macintosh) and website entries are accepted in any/all categories. A single entry fee of $450/per software publisher is required for submission of up to 3 titles; add $75 for each additional title. PLEASE SEND 3 COPIES OF EACH TITLE. Please make checks payable to "ComputED."
[NOTE: Checks or money orders not payable through a US bank are subject to a $25 processing fee.]

Please print out an ENTRY FORM to accompany the entry fee.

For further information, please send e-mail to

*ComputED also sponsors the annual Best Educational Software Awards (BESSIES)
each fall. The BESSIE Awards have been recognized by the media, including the CBS-TV affiliate
in San Diego, and local cable TV-channels. Winners of the 2002-03  BESSIE Awards are posted.

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