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     www.worldgeography.abc-clio.com is a comprehensive, subscription-based website that offers a wealth of social studies resources for students and teachers, with links to other supporting  materials (including the ABC-CLIO American Government, American History, State Geography, and World History websites if subscription requirements are met).

World Geography website, winner of the 2004 BESSIES in the category Social Studies Website, focuses on geographical, political, social, economic and cultural forces that influence the world, with multimedia tools to enhance delivery. Daily international news stories are displayed on the home page, and the user can quickly learn about country-specific holidays and celebrations. 

     One can easily navigate the website to find the main areas: Research, Lessons, Tools, and Help. The impressive online statistical tool, CLIOview, allows the user to compare countries around the world, and includes specific filters for population, average life expectancy, maternal mortality, illiteracy, religion, government, and so on. There are also tools for librarians and teachers, such as correlations and research lists, worksheets and test creators. "Ask the Cybrarian" allows the user to e-mail queries to members of the ABC-CLIO School Editorial team to obtain help.

Typing Instructor Deluxe 16
[Individual Software (800) 331-3313--Ages 7 & up]

     ComputED's kids began using Typing Instructor Deluxe over 8 years ago! Since then, the program has evolved into a highly streamlined, intuitive interface whereby students can now easily access its many motivating activities. It is an excellent tool for teaching keyboarding to children and adults.

     Typing Instructor Deluxe combines typing instruction and drills with a travel theme as an incentive to learning. Typing plans can be tailored to the beginner, intermediate or advanced typist. "Repetitive Keystroking" builds speed, "Active Response" improves accuracy, and "Learned Words" reinforces keys in memory for faster touch typing. The program keeps track of each student's progress, identifies areas that need improvement, and even recommends the next exercise. Students can earn (and print out) a Certificate of Achievement.

     Features include: 15 built-in intelligent typing plans, structured "Touch Typing" content, 10-key content, 60 choices of music ot help make typing fun, Guide Hands, tests, instant feedback on WPM and accuracy, progress reports by key, finger, hand and row, over 300 practice articles, 10 Virtual Adventure games to reinforce learning, and best yet, over 15 dictations of quotations, travel essays and business letters to prepare high school students for the job market. The program is a winner in the 2004 BESSIES for Keyboarding.

[Minimum requirements: Pentium PC 133 MHz, Windows 98 through XP]

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