I Spy Fantasy
[Scholastic (800) SCHOLASTIC--Ages 6-10]

     I Spy games have always been fun, whether hands-on or computer-driven, and Scholastic's versions are exceptional.  But I Spy Fantasy is the best I Spy yet!  Multi-layered adventures (three of them) are extremely compelling and exciting, while delivering the highest quality 'brain-stretching'.  And 'brain-stretching'--as in, any strenuous problem-solving activity--promotes language acquisition and problem solving skills while physically building brain power.

     Winner of the 2004 BESSIE Awards for Upper Elementary Language Arts,
I Spy Fantasy is educational fun, and the adventures can be motivating to many age groups--whether it's the search for lost treasures buried at sea, commanding a mission in space, or searching a medieval castle for an imprisoned princess, this title is clearly a must-have.

Didi & Ditto: Kindergarten
[Kutoka Interactive (514) 849-4800]

     This early elementary multi-subject program is a hybrid (WIN/MAC) CD which employs a familiar format in a creative way--it is an educational program that strives to entertain as much as it educates.  Using the classic 'explore and solve' formula,
Didi & Ditto also provides thinking skills, math practice, and creativity, along with wacky jokes, songs and delightful animations.

     Didi & Ditto has an easy interface which most children will recognize immediately, and it offers the option of game play or skills practice.  What distinguishes the program are the absolutely spectacular graphics which, being so high-end, will require a newer computer to run it.  We recommend at least a Pentium III or Mac OS 9.

Look, Listen, & Speak
[Evan-Moor (831) 649-5901]
Ages 5 & up

A series with ten titles: Keeping Healthy, At Home, At The Supermarket, My Community, At School, From Farm To You, My Family And Me, At The Park, Transportation, At The Mall.

Although the publisher has designated these titles for Grades 1-3, they would also be extremely useful for many different ages and populations.  Each title includes a hybrid CD (WIN/MAC) which has an audible poster, a storybook, songs and chants, and games; student workbook/reproducibles and full color picture cards.  Simple to use, these programs will work with individual students or in a classroom, and provide many reinforcement opportunities.  In addition, as a set, these titles cover an exhaustive number of everyday situations.  We would like to see these programs used in Special Education, English as a Second Language, and in regular school settings. 
Look, Listen, & Speak is the winner of the 2004 BESSIES for Special Education.

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