Winners of the 2005 BESSIE Awards, continued

HIGH SCHOOL (continued)

Thinking Skills:: Smart Ideas Concept-Mapping Software
(SMART Technologies (888) 42-SMART) 

Thinking Skills (Palm OS): Inspiration for Palm OS (Inspiration Software
              (503) 297-3004)


Professional Development Website (K-12): Seminars on Science
(American Museum of Natural History (212) 496-3553)     

Computer Lab Courseware:
SynchronEyes Computer-Lab Instruction
              Software 5.1
(SMART Technologies  (888) 42-SMART)     

Internet Resources (Elementary & Secondary): NetTrekker
(Thinkronize (513) 731-4090)    - see review             

Online Assessment Tool: PLATO EduTest Assessment
(PLATO (952) 832-1482)                           

               ComputED congratulates the winners

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