The Gazette's staff is pleased to select software and/or websites for review from among winners of our awards.
[Clearvue & SVE, Inc.; (800) 253-2788; K-12] is an impressive K-12 website (subscription-based) which offers a smorgasbord of technology resources for teachers and students, including the latest in multimedia delivery and enhancements. Stated features are: 2,400 full-length, up-to-date, curriculum-based videos in various formats; 17,000+ core concept video clips; 4,000 digital audio files; 25,000 classroom-appropriate photos, illustrations and clip art images, and 5,000 teacher's guides and worksheets; State and national standards correlations.
     The application boasts state-of-the-art search-and-retrieval capability, unlimited administrator levels of control, a video test prep tool, current events portal, and more. Current content for all K-12 subject areas is available (including social studies, science, language arts, math, guidance, health, music art).
     Often, with an application as diverse and multi-faceted as, the learning curve can be quite daunting - our review of "Creating a Lesson Plan" proved otherwise. As with managing classes and video test prep, the website is highly user-friendly, and access to tools, links, text, images, video clips, and state standards is a cinch.  (Broadband recommended)

ezediaQTI (Library Video Co./eZedia)
[(610) 645-4000; Grades 9-12]

     ezediaQTI adds a new dimension to multimedia authoring software. With this program, a student can create websites, online presentations, interactive movies and Internet banners without having to learn HTML first.  It's so easy, even parents and teachers will be able to use it with ease!
     The program allows the user to easily drag-and-drop all major media into the same project, add interactivity, and
- when the project is ready - simply export to a website or an interactive QuickTime movie.
     This 2006 BESSIE winner is a dynamic tool that levels the playing field for anyone whose eyes have crossed when trying to create with HTML
- and that's nearly all of us. Now, savvy students can create truly professional-looking Internet projects.

Side by Side Interactive, 1 & 2
[Pearson Longman (914)287-8139; Grades 9-12]

     This ESL entry is a winner from the first look.  Elegantly simple in design, it doesn't need to be installed, and runs flawlessly from the four CDs. The program has great production values and a very friendly interface.  Add to that a smart, detail-rich curriculum with plenty of practice built in, and this product is hard to beat.
     We especially like the inclusion of Lifeskills and Civics.  Very often, ESL titles don't bother with topics like Civics, which is crucial in order for new arrivals to understand their new country (in this case, the US). However, this does limit its applicability to other countries such as Canada or the United Kingdom. Pearson Longman and creators Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss have done an outstanding job with this cross-platform title.  The ComputED Gazette is very pleased to honor it with a 2006 BESSIE Award.

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