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Smart Tutor - Reading
[Learning Today, Inc (954) 584-5250, K-5]

     Smart Tutor - Reading's website design and content are the best we've seen for delivering reading materials to children in the K-5 age group. The program offers an "Integrated Learning System" that is research-based and aligned to state and national educational standards.

Smart Tutor provides formative assessment through a pre-test, and automatically prescribes instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, sight words, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Teachers have the ability to monitor a student's progress throughout. We can't say enough about this superb, child-friendly program, whose effectiveness is propelled by interactive videos, cartoons and animations, with audio guidance throughout.

     Imagine a child being captivated by an onscreen cartoon that teaches
Vocabulary - Multiple Meaning Words. Reading the sentence, "Sam heard the phone ring,"  the child selects the correct answer from pictures of a ring, or a phone ringing. Numerous activities keep kids engaged, e.g., the child chooses from among 8 stars to uncover riddles, then selects the appropriate answers. On Level Two, children read the large print, while a virtual teacher reads aloud from a colorful book, fostering a love of reading. Multiple-choice questions follow, reinforcing comprehension skills.

     The reading curriculum comprises over 1500 tutorials and activities, and meets NCLB guidelines. Professional development tools are available in the Resource Center, to assist educators and parents in administering this product effectively. This subscription-based resource received high marks from our judges.
Rosetta Stone Spanish, Level 1, 2, 3
[Rosetta Stone (800) 788-0822, Multi-Level]

     For those who have despaired of ever mastering a second language,
Rosetta Stone Spanish is for you. Winner of a BESSIE for Multi-Level Foreign Language, this is a standout.

     There are a number of excellent language-learning programs and websites on the market, but none has the authority, clarity, quality, and thoroughness that Rosetta Stone offers.  With features that emphasize everyday language, pronunciation through voice recording and playback, accurate spelling and writing, real-life conversation, and retention, this title is the real deal.

     Rosetta Stone's core principle is to teach language as children learn it - by immersion.   Interactive technology replicates and activates that process. And it works.

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