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         Vizzle, a winner in the Special Education Website/Teacher Tools category, is a subscription-based program for educators who want to create visual lessons especially for students with autism or for those who learn best visually.  Vizzle has three specific areas: Create, Teach, and Share Create allows teachers, parents or therapists to easily design custom lessons, choosing from thousands of images, audio and video clips, as well as customizable reinforcers and rewards.  Teach provides tools to deliver the lessons, and includes reports for IEPs.  Share gives teachers access to peer-reviewed materials.  Vizzle should be a part of  every special needs teacher's toolkit.

FLRT (MindPlay) and Diagnostic Online Math Assessment (Curriculum Associates), while not specifically designed for special needs or communication disorder students, are both powerful assessment and remediation websites designed to aid visual learners in becoming more focused on a target subject area, thereby promoting a higher level of success.  FLRT (Fluent Reading Trainer) improves reading speed and comprehension for those who are able to decode in grades Kindergarten to 12thDiagnostic Online Math Assessment is a subscription-based website designed to assess and remediate math learners. 

         These six
Showcase products provide the technology advantage, empowering teachers, parents and therapists to effectively educate children who have been diagnosed with various types of learning disorders.

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