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Environmental Science
English Language Arts 9
Algebra 1
MS Civics, Government and Economics

Education 2020's four online course entries in this year's BESSIE Awards were all recipients of awards, meeting our criteria for quality of design, curriculum content, and outstanding multimedia technology.

All four core courses are comprehensive and aligned to state and national standards, lending themselves to helping students recover and accrue credits for graduation, or prepare for state, end-of-course, and key standardized tests. The strength of the courseware lies in the delivery mechanism: A
Virtual Classroom theme, where video presentations are given by a virtual teacher, and the learning environment uses high quality animations and simulations. In this one-on-one setting, the student participates by completing assignments, reviews and quizzes, and writing eNotes and Journal entries. Extra reinforcement is provided in the Practice/Homework activity, where the student is given the opportunity to review the lesson before taking a quiz.

The courses are structured with the following activities: Vocabulary, Online Content, Journals, Direct Instruction Video Lecture, Lab Activity and Assessment, Practice/Homework, and Assessments.

For teachers and administrators, there is a Web Administrator Homepage, where links are provided for customization: Manage Students, Administrator Tools, Reports, Standards, and Support.

In addition to the core academic courses, two other modules presented as websites provide breadth and depth.
eCommunity (for educators) is a "one-stop-shop," with training videos ranging from best practices and teacher resources to professional development.  eLibrary (for students) provides an environment where students can direct their own learning in a virtual classroom and resource library, practice homework, increase vocabulary, and take quizzes. While eLibrary is a self-directed tool for students, educators may track participation to help guide student use.

Education 2020 courseware is subscription-based, and information on site licenses is available on their website.

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