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Verb Module program (Levels II and III, Visual Link Spanish--CD version) is a new entry in this year's BESSIE Awards. It offers a unique, simple, and enjoyable interface that systematically and logically guides the user towards becoming fluent and comfortable with Spanish verbs and their conjugation.
         After logging in, a menu of Topics appears in the left pane. Clicking on a lesson, tutorial, review, or game review from the menu will launch an interactive, multimedia workspace on the right, where large buttons allow the user to Start, Check Off, or go to the Next lesson. An adult voice guides the user throughout, and lesson content is demonstrated on the right with well-designed, colorful animations and text that provide visual reinforcement. An important component of this easy-to-use, self-paced program is its flexibility - the user has the option of repeating a lesson or continuing on.
Level II topics are: Learn the Verbs, Present Tense, Reflexive Verbs, Doing Verbs, Direct Objects,  Have Verbs, Spine Verbs (Preterite). Subtopics are broken into sections with lots of drills and practice.  Present Tense - Lesson 2 is an example of the detailed structuring of the program: "AR Conjugation" offers numerous drills for learning the uses of Yo, Tu, El, Ella, Ud, Nosotros, Ellos, Ellas, Uds, and there is a Conjugator Tutorial, AR Conjugator, and AR Review Game. Don't be fooled by the Burrito Builder games - they are really lessons in disguise!
Level III topics are: Review 162 Verbs, Imperfect (Back Verbs), Will Verbs (Future), Would Verbs (Conditional), Command Form, Subjunctive, Past Subjunctive, Have With All Tenses, Quiz On All Verbs, and Learn 163 More Verbs. This level includes a Vocabulary Voyager, background music, animations and graphics, and a full screen mode.     
Verb Modules program is an enjoyable way to learn the difficult skill of conjugating verbs. It is one of the best we've seen.

TechSteps (Website)
[SchoolKit (425) 454-3373, ext. 106]

          TechSteps is a district wide technology literacy curriculum and assessment tool. But more than that, it's a tool which integrates technology with core curriculum.  Available for grades K-12, TechSteps offers six technology integration projects per grade and is appropriate for any standards-based curriculum.  Projects vary by grade, and include Science, Math, Language Arts, and Social Studies, often combining more than one subject into a truly integrated lesson.  And these aren't make-work projects--TechSteps takes 'real-world digital tools' to solve 'real-world' problems.   
         Included are TechSmart books, downloadable and printable, which cover Computer Systems, Operations and Concepts, Internet Basics, and Digital Citizenship.  The poster format allows for class discussion and further investigation.
         Integrating technology and core curriculum isn't a new idea, but
SchoolKit has created an accessible and user-friendly website for technology integration that can be utilized by any educator.  TechSteps has been awarded this year's BESSIE for Technology Integration Website.

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