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Webber HearBuilder Auditory Memory - Professional Edition
Webber HearBuilder Phonological Awareness Training - Professional 
(Super Duper Publications (800) 277-8737)

Special Education students often have specific training needs prior to becoming readers. Webber HearBuilder Auditory Memory and Webber HearBuilder Phonological Awareness Training address those needs with authority, and have a fun aspect that is an important component!  Tied for this year's BESSIE in the Multi-Level Special Education category, HearBuilder Auditory Memory Training and HearBuilder Phonological Awareness are delivered on hybrid CD-ROMS along with instruction booklets, and both programs are packed with entertaining and highly motivating exercises. Additional bonuses for teachers are a simple install and the student-directed interface.
         Each CD is designed around a theme - in
Auditory Memory, the student becomes a Recall Agent and must help solve mysteries; Phonological Awareness challenges the student to create his/her own rock band - and both promote pre-reading memory skills.
         Auditory Memory (the ability to remember what is heard) features five areas of practice: Numbers, Words, Details, Closure, and WH Info. Phonological Awareness (of the sound of the spoken word) includes Phoneme Blending, Deletion, Addition, and Manipulation, Sentence Segmentation, Syllable Blending, and Rhyming.
         The courseware is delivered flawlessly, and meets or beats best-practice standards. World-class animation, engaging characters, excellent sound quality, and compelling reward games help to keep students on-track and eager for more. Well done, Super Duper - we look forward to seeing what's next!


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