Social Studies Software Series (Website)
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        Worldview Software is publisher of a dynamic Social Studies Software Series for grades 6-12, offering comprehensive, interactive workbook-style digital materials on its website. Of special note is the improved user interface, with streamlined graphics and product enhancements such as a Teacher's Guide and Curriculum Guide.
         Fully correlated to state and national standards, including the National Common Core Standards, the Social Studies Series includes (1) Middle School: Basic American History I and II, Civics, and World Geography (2) High School: American History I and II, US Government, World History A and B, Economics, Civics and World Geography
         Differentiated instruction accommodates different styles of learning (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) with avenues of instruction appropriate for regular, gifted, and special needs students: The
Chapters view lists the topics available for study within the program; the Resources view includes materials found in the Chapters section as well as all that the program has to offer; and the Themes view presents unifying ideas which recur amongst the chapters, with associated materials. Short-answer questions and mini-quizzes reinforce learning, and the Guided Essays feature teaches important outlining and writing skills. Students also have easy access to functions such as Search, Progress and Help.
World History B: Mid-1800's to the Present demonstrates the breadth of the titles in the series, with twenty-three Chapters providing an exhaustive curriculum: Impact of Nationalism; Changing Political Relationships in Europe; Nineteenth Century China; Meiji Restoration; Advances in Democracy; Russia - Reform, Repression and Revolution; European Imperialism in Africa and Asia; Causes, Course, and Conclusion of World War I; USSR - Civil War, Leninism, and Stalinism; and more.
         Worldview Software's products were recipients of three awards in this year's

Edgenuity (Website)
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         What do an Alaskan fishing village, an Ozark mountain town, and a storefront alternative high school have in common? The answer is: A pressing need for high quality teaching and learning solutions that can deliver multiple subjects, with compelling instruction customized for students at their appropriate age level.
         Edgenuity, winner of the 2014 BESSIE Award for Multi-Subject: Multi-Level Online Courseware, is that solution and much more. With over 180 individual courses to choose from, Edgenuity's (formerly E2020) courseware covers everything from Grades 6-12 Common Core English Language Arts, Middle School Common Core Math through High School Calculus, as well as Science, Social Studies, Advanced Placement, Electives, World Languages, Career Electives, and Test Prep.  Whether these courses are used for credit recovery, enrichment, acceleration, or 'just-in-time' learning, Edgenuity is nimble enough to accommodate the needs of individual schools.
         Edgenuity's video-based courses are delivered online, and are intended for use in a blended-learning setting, i.e., the courses are student-driven, but a physical instructor is present to assist.  The courses are designed by highly skilled, experienced teachers, and offer vigorous and compelling content, as well as  motivating activities.
         And for teachers and districts struggling to meet Common Core Standards,
Edgenuity's seven Common Core ELA courses and eleven Common Core Math courses will take the stress and guesswork out of the decision-making
Edgenuity is to be commended for meeting the CCSS challenge head-on with this forward-thinking and well-designed solution.