Discovery Education Math Techbook (Website, Grades 6-12)
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         Discovery Education Math Techbook is an inquiry-based, interactive digital textbook aimed at changing the way students and teachers experience math. It engages students with real world problems, and offers courses for Grades 6 through 8, Algebra I and II, Geometry, as well as Integrated Math I, II, and III.
         Lessons are comprehensive and well laid out, having extraordinary visual appeal via stunning graphics and high quality, embedded videos. The student is given  a choice of viewing the layout in Visual Overview mode or Table of Contents mode.  The breadth of content is demonstrated in the Grade 6 Mathematics segment, which contains 13 units: Ratios; Division, Factors, Multiples; Operations with Fractions and Decimals; Unit Rates and Percents; Rational Numbers; Coordinate Plane; Algebraic Expressions; Equations and Inequalities; Dependent and Independent Variables; Data Distribution; Measures of Center and Variation; Areas of Polygons; Surface Area and Volume.
         Each concept within the
Math Techbook is divided into three primary sections - Discover, Practice, and Apply - and parallels the Common Core's three aspects of rigor (conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application).

Discover - This is where most of the learning takes place, and where students develop conceptual understanding. In a unit on Understanding Ratios/Comparing Quantities, there are videos, illustrations and a mini-wordprocessor to motivate the student to respond to specific instructions and/or questions. Tools are available in a dropdown menu (highlight, speak text and take notes).

Practice - Students build procedural fluency and should be able to solve math problems with assistance from the Coach exercises. Here, a green check mark indicates that the problem is solved correctly. For incorrect answers, feedback based on the student's answer is revealed to provide guidance on how the right answer can be obtained. Play exercises provide rewards as students earn badges and awards.

Apply - In this third phase, students solve practical math problems which generally do not have a specific correct answer; and they are required to defend or justify their answers with an explanation. Built-in tools are available, such as a graphic calculator and dynamic geometry software.

For teachers, lesson plans and teacher tools are abundant throughout. The main dashboard offers drop-down menus such as Builder Tools (Assignment Builder, Board Builder), Classroom Manager (My Classes, My Students, Results by Class, Results by Student, Student Boards, Results by Code/URL), My Content, Teacher Center, and Professional Development.

Discovery Education Math Techbook is winner of BESSIE Awards in the Middle School and High School categories, "Math Techbook Website."