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         Mathseeds is a delightful online math program for ages 3-9 that focuses on core math and problem solving skills. Its highly structured lessons, aligned with the Common Core Standards, are comprehensive and disguised as fun, using impressive, interactive animations led by one or more of five key characters. 
         After a placement test, each lesson is carefully structured to build early mathematical skills, and can be repeated as needed. Children progress at their own rate, with audio guidance and instant feedback throughout; and there are motivational elements to keep them engaged, e.g., collecting rewards when lessons or quizzes are completed.   Working through a wide range of activities, new skills are practiced in different ways, and lessons are carefully paced using short, playful activities to build confidence in newly acquired skills.
          Early activities focus on numbers, counting and shape recognition. Later lessons build skills in addition, subtraction and measurement, and then early multiplication and division are introduced. Each lesson ends with an
ebook. The book reinforces the concept that has been taught in the lesson. These books are an entertaining way to ensure that children understand the language of mathematics, and can be read independently; or children can listen to the narration as they read along.
            Parents and teachers will love the simplicity of the Dashboard, which provides easy access to
Manage Class, Manage Assignments, Reports, and Teacher ToolkitMathseeds is now available anytime and anywhere using an iPad, iPhone or Android device (with online access), and a free trial is available on the website.
High School Tutorials
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          Apex Learning's new
High School Tutorials is a comprehensive program that offers students the opportunity to amplify achievement. The program provides a personalized learning platform as well as real-time insight into each student's progress.  High School Tutorials promises to help students excel in high-stakes exams, pass a class the first time, and be prepared for post-secondary success.
         With over thirty subjects, including test preparation tutorials for Math, Science, English, Social Studies, College Readiness, and High School Equivalency, the program
is a unique and highly approachable solution to some of education's most pressing issues. With a simple, intuitive interface, the modules address different learning styles  and take students through Pretest (to create a personalized study plan), Learn It, Try It, Review It, and Test It using compelling videos, graphics, audio lessons, and more.  A student dashboard provides quick access to the curriculum, progress information, and communication tools.
         The teacher dashboard offers many reporting and assessment tools, with access to outlines and overviews of each course, including units, modules, prerequisites, and standards.
         There are some good self-paced learning solutions out there, but
High School Tutorials, with its highly intuitive interface, nonjudgmental and straightforward approach is, quite simply, one of the very best.