Destination Math  (Riverdeep)
Ages 11-13

Destination Math  (Mastering Skills and Concepts IV, V) is engaging, easy to use, and impressive throughout. The graphics, sound, animation and design provide a pleasant interface whereby the user can work independently and interactively through problem solving and discovery.
     The program incorporates NCTM Standards for Basic Math, Pre-Algebra and Algebra: Math as problem solving, mathematical connections, and estimation. One of its strengths is in structuring - Modules include Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Essentials of Algebra and Geometry, Statistics, Probability, Linear Equations… Units are masterfully introduced so that, through tutorials and workouts, students can work independently to fully grasp each new concept before going on. Bonuses are the full glossary, student assignments, progress reports, and "show me" explanations.
     A comprehensive management system (database) not only contains information on teachers, students and classes, but also provides a link to the instructional content whereby a teacher can control individual student and class progress.

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