www.scholastic.com/sn2 is colorful and kid-friendly, featuring cover pages of monthly issues of Scholastic News in brilliant color. Clicking on the covers makes it easy for this age group to link to the many activities provided at this website for early elementary children, including navigating to Listen and Read, Print a Fun Page, or Vote Now.
     For this review, the current "Listen and Read" topic was
The Littlest Gardeners, where children learn the characteristics of organisms as well as organisms and environments. Reading skills align with National Standards, and include phonics and phonological/syllable awareness. Children can click to activate the Listen and Read feature, allowing them to read along while listening to the story. A vocabulary list at the bottom of the page will give the pronunciation when the child clicks on a word.
     The object of the website is to extend and enrich the
Scholastic News print magazines. Reading skills promoted include fluency, vocabulary and comprehension, and the website provides a safe internet environment where kids can have fun and learn.

Learning.com (800) 580-4640 (grades K-8)

     The EasyTech subscription-based website has an extremely simple-to-use interface and offers teachers a powerful tool for integrating technology concepts with core curriculum (kindergarten through 8th grade). EasyTech also aligns with ISTE's NETS and reinforces state core curriculum standards.
     EasyTech consists of three components: Technology Integration Curriculum (Lessons, Practices, Discussions, Activities), Management System (Class, Lesson and Individual Student Reports, Grade Guides, Curriculum View), and Professional Development and Support (improves teaching practice).
     Simple tools, ranging from Mouse Basics to Spreadsheets and Presentation Software, allow teachers to customize assignments, enabling children to work independently and interactively at their appropriate level. One of the strengths of the EasyTech program is the effective use of multimedia (via Macromedia Flash Player), which is readily available with the click of a button

Picture It! Digital Image Pro
Microsoft (800) 426-9400 (ages 11/up)

     Digital Image Pro is an impressive photo-editing program that offers advanced features which can be easily implemented by the school or home user. While "typical" entry-level photo-editing programs offer the basics (auto-correct; crop; brightness and contrast, gamma, hue and intensity; filters; import from scanner or camera; export; print and share; etc.), Digital Image Pro incorporates, and simplifies, features found in high-end graphical software, such as Touch Up Pictures (one-touch corrections, flash and back lighting, distortion, brush, blemishes, red eye, clone, wrinkles), Edit Multiple Pictures, and Special Effects (cutouts, filters, distort, text, paint). It also includes Create Projects (calendars, greeting cards, labels, collages, business cards, flyers).
     Perhaps most useful for the typical user is
Photo Repair, where dodge and burn, tint and airbrushes are a joy to use. We also think users will be delighted with explor

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