Typing Instructor For Kids
[Individual Software (800) 331-3313--ages 7 -12]

     Many typing programs are created for use by a wide age-group, and they offer the standard drills, tests and games that make typing fun. The few that are specifically written for 'kids' employ child-friendly graphics and games, and are reasonably successful.
Typing Instructor for Kids introduces a unique adventure theme that keeps children interested. Capturing the castle and ruling Typer Island, while earning treasures and points, are powerful motivators for kids  - they want to complete the adventure! Enjoyable activities (Izzy's Oasis, Gone Fishin', Erik the Viking and Diamond Glider) are found when learning the home row and proper fingering in The Old West, On the Water, Under the Sea, In the Air, and Typer Island Castle.
     The program offers step-by-step instruction, using proven techniques and hundreds of lessons and tests for beginner, intermediate and advanced users. Words Per Minute and accuracy scores are reported after each typing activity.

PLATO Life Science (Website)
[PLATO (952) 829-8097--Junior High]

      PLATO Life Science is a work of art. This beautifully designed website (subscription-based) for Junior High children offers impressive, comprehensive, interactive online lessons on topics such as: Cells: The basis for life; Structure and function in living organisms; Classification and diversity of life; Genetics and heredity; Organisms and their environment; Human health and reproduction; Change over time.
     The student begins with an interactive lesson--engaging multimedia material which helps him/her visualize and conceptualize scientific processes. This is followed up with a hands-on, theme-based scenario designed to foster scientific inquiry, problem-solving and critical thinking. A built-in test bank correlates test questions to specific science objectives to help ensure mastery of State Standards.
     In order to deliver such outstanding graphics and content, computers need a broadband connection, and a specific plug-in is provided by the company.

Key Skills for Math: Basic Number Concepts
[Sunburst  (562) 621-9521--ages 5-7]

Key Skills is another interactive program from Sunburst that the kids will thoroughly enjoy. The graphics, animation and interface are very kid-friendly and colorful, and there is audio instruction every step of the way.
     The main Skill Sets taught are Addition and Subtraction, Fractions, Measurement, and Number Sense. Subsets consist of numerous engaging activities where children can earn stars and stickers when they complete most of the problems. Teaching fractions to youngsters has never been easier...they will enjoy the simple and logical concepts when dragging toppings onto 1/2, 3/8, 5/8 pizza and so on. Practicing addition and subtraction on a dynamic baseball field designed with realistic simulations and sounds is fun.

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