Practice in Effective Guidance Strategies (PEGS)
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     This series of three titles for preschool, elementary and secondary should be on the must-have list of every Professional Development Coordinator. In fact, we'd like to see it available to every first-year teacher in the country.
     Too often, beginning teachers have the misguided idea that their presentation of subject matter will be so compelling that no student will want to act out.  When reality hits them between the eyes, they need somewhere to turn to, and all too often, nothing is offered.  The PEGS series directly addresses that need.
     From the literature, teachers will learn to (a) identify students whose behaviors need improving (b) select strategies that actually help students participate in acceptable ways--and keep them participating (c) experiment with various strategies in several activities (d) learn to apply the strategies to students with different problem behaviors.
     By role-playing, where the teacher can "try-out" various solutions, this entertaining series could actually make the difference, and keep talented beginning teachers in the profession.  We highly recommend this winner of the 2004 EDDIES for
Teacher Tools: Classroom Management.

Fly a Cell: Learning Laboratory In Biology
[Isee Systems (603) 643-9636]

     This Win/Mac program is truly unique.
Fly a Cell takes a difficult, microscopic biological concept from theory into practical, understandable, mutable fact, all in an entertaining and engaging fashion.
     The student moves from "flight school" training in the manipulation of the cell to experimentation with the cell.  Through personalized and frequent feedback, students learn the strategies necessary to gain understanding of the function of cells.  Finally, students learn to communicate and solve problems presented, and are able to articulate their methods of resolving these problems.
     ComputED is proud to recommend this 2004 EDDIES winner in the category
Junior High School Science.

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