Pat Katon

     Pat is formerly from Texas, and currently resides by the beach in Oceanside. Having spent most of her adult years traveling (typical of military families) and raising children, she is enjoying the luxuries of retirement.

     When Pat is not soaking up the sun, she is attending various enrichment classes in North San Diego County. Her current interests include learning to be fluent in Spanish, and mastering her new-found technology challenges (computer, PDA, digital camera and all-in-one printer/scanner/fax). She sometimes enlists the aid of the ComputED staff when complex computer issues arise.

     Pat forgets the responsibilities of being grandma when she logs on to the Internet and exercises her freedom to send e-mail, google, shop and bank from her desk with the aid of her three Himalayan kittens. She says, "Gone are the days when I have to beg the grandkids to show me how to cut & paste! I'm free, and lovin' every minute of it."

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