Alicia Deroy

Alicia and husband, Bill, moved to Oceanside 8 years ago to retire. But Alicia decided to return to nursing part-time, as she enjoys working with patients.

     Alicia is interested in genealogy and has created 5 albums (over 400 pages each) for her children, going back to the 1700's, with photos, documents and letters from past relatives. She has improved her technology skills by doing much of this on the computer. ComputED's staff has been on hand for technical support and troubleshooting.

     Among her many activities are walking the dogs on the beach, exploring in the close-by San Luis Rey river, playing bridge with beginners, and visits to Pala Casino.

     A student of the civil war (grandfather was in it), she collects confederate monies and artifacts from Gettysburg, and old newspapers of the war time. She says, "When you hold the dollar bills in your hands, you can almost hear the gunshots and see the marching!!"

     Alicia's motto is: "Old age only gets better!!"

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