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ComputED Gazette has selected three website entries from CompassLearning for our special Showcase feature: Odyssey High School, Odyssey High School Science, and Odyssey Math 5-6 Intervention. All offer an exceptional instructional management system and curriculum, complete with comprehensive assessment and broad-based reporting tools.

THE LESSONS: Interactive animations, real-life videos, creative sound design, and hands-on activities engage students, enveloping them in unique learning experiences while incorporating materials correlated to state and national standards. We thoroughly enjoyed the lesson with Hector, the old gold miner in his natural habitat, babbling to himself while cogitating physics concepts to locate his gold on the map - what a delightful way to learn about vector and scalar measurements! And in Odyssey High School, the unique idea of a video instructor beginning a history session with the casual remark, "History is not just about dead folks," is a brilliant ploy for engaging teenagers and showing the relevance of history to their own lives.

Odyssey Math 5-6 Intervention - After a prescriptive diagnostic test, the interactive lessons that follow are cleverly designed with age-appropriate graphics, e.g., the child must answer multiple-choice questions in the numeric patterns lesson in order to discover the password for the ATM machine. Step-by-step oral instructions and drills throughout aid in remediation, and a 'teach' lesson is launched when an incorrect answer is given, allowing the child to try again.

Odyssey High School Science - The student Launch Pad gives a choice of Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science and Physics. In a biology segment about Living Things, a charismatic instructor gives a video lesson on the characteristics of living things, and each point is illustrated on a whiteboard for visual reinforcement. Essential quizzes and multiple-choice questions follow each lesson.

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Easy-to-use tools are available to school administrators and teachers to facilitate curriculum building, assessment and broad-based reporting. Based on initial assessments, Odyssey automatically assigns a learning path for each student. A variety of reports can be generated, including aggregated and disaggregated data reports, multi-school administration reports, pre-test versus post-test comparisons, and individual student progress reports, allowing teachers to adjust the learning path according to results of regular progress monitoring.

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CompassLearning for producing these three outstanding products.

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