Social Studies:  ABC-CLIO Defining Moments Downloadables
              (ABC-CLIO (805) 968-1911) - see review

Special Ed Website:
Vizzle (Monarch Teaching Tech.
(216) 320-8941)

Classroom Management:
  SMART Classroom Suite
(SMART Technologies (888) 42-SMART)

Professional Development Resources Website: PD in Focus
(ASCD  (703) 578-9600)

Multi-Discipline Collaboration Website: ePals Learning Space
(ePals, Inc. (703) 885-3400)

Professional Development Online Courses:  PD Online
(ASCD (703) 578-9600)

Multi-Discipline Lesson Plan Resources Website: SMART 
Exchange (SMART Technologies (888) 42-SMART)

ESL Website Blog:  englishwithjennifer.wordpress.com
(Pearson Longman (914) 287-8000) - see review

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