Winners of the 16th Annual EDDIE Awards

         The ComputED Gazette is pleased to announce winners of its 16th Annual Education Software Review Awards. The Awards target innovative and content-rich programs and websites that augment the classroom curriculum and improve teacher productivity, providing parents and teachers with the technology to foster educational excellence. Some selection criteria are academic content, potential for broad classroom use, technical merit, subject approach and management system. Winners are selected from titles submitted by publishers around the world. A list of last year's winners is available.


Pre-Literacy Website: Juba (Six Red Marbles  (866) 632-6623)

Math Website: WAZA (Six Red Marbles  (866) 632-6623)

Science: Every Body Has a Brain ( Morphonix, LLC
         (415) 331-5010) -
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Touchscreen Solutions: iStartSmart - Shell Squad Games
         (Hatch (800) 624-7968) -
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Phonics Website:
ClickN READ Phonics (ClickN KIDS, Inc.
          (877) CLICK-ABC) -
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Multimedia Creation Website:  Pixie 3 (Tech4Learning
             (619) 563-5348)
Math Website: DreamBox Learning K-3 Math 
             (DreamBox Learning (877) 451-7845)

Multi-Player Math Game Website: Sokikom (Sokikom
             (480) 788-1849) 

Interactive Book(s) Website: Lerner Interactive Books
(Lerner Publishing (800) 328 4929)

Language Arts Website: In2Books (ePals Inc. (703) 885-3400)


Reading/Literacy Website: Smart Tutor - Reading
(Learning Today (954) 584-5250)

Language Arts Website: Fluency Tutor (Texthelp Systems
             (888) 248-0652)

Art Education Website: Creativity Express (Madcap Logic
             (813) 503-9701) -
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Math Website:
Smart Tutor - Math (Learning Today (954) 584-5250)

Multi-Player Math Game Website: Sokikom (Sokikom
             (480) 788-1849)     
Reading Website:  myON reader (Capstone Digital
             (952) 224-0594) -
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