DreamBox Learning Math
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DreamBox Learning Math has been an award recipient of both the EDDIES and BESSIES in past years. In the Primary Learning Environment, the intelligent adaptive math curriculum targets the K-2 age group using a colorful, story-based adventure setting where students complete exercises and solve numerous interactive math problems (e.g., math rack, number line, counters, ten frames, addition and subtraction).
         The subscription-based program has recently been expanded to include an
Intermediate Learning Environment, challenging students in grades 3-6 to complete Units, such as Fractions in the Real World I and II, Equivalency, Multiplication, and Comparing Fractions. The interface is simple and appealing.
         In both the
Primary and Intermediate Learning Environments, the child receives auditory guidance, and there is even a Hint button. Of note is the "Too Hard" button, which reduces the difficulty level so frustration can be avoided. Rewards and incentives include mini-games, badges, collection items and coins.
         A Dashboard area is provided so parents, teachers and administrators can access tools such as: Assessment -  graphical summaries of progress and comprehension, which help to identify students requiring intervention;  Management - easily create or remove classrooms, and add/move/edit/delete students.
DreamBox Learning Math offers differentiation, scaffolding and sequencing, and accommodates all students, both struggling and advanced. A free trial subscription is available on the company's website.

Issues and Controversies in American History
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         High school students tend to find history classes pretty dull, if not deadly.  But savvy teachers know that students will get fired up if they become invested in... yes, "Issues and Controversies." 
Facts On File's Issues and Controversies in American History, winner of this year's Award for High School Online Database Website, provides stimulating content and approach that are sure to motivate the most reluctant student.
         Consisting of a database which extends from the Viking discovery of America to the Afghanistan War, each subject has detailed articles which define and elucidate the issue, and includes valuable links to primary sources and documents. Divided into ten historical periods of 100-150 years, the topics vary from the Boston Tea Party, to slavery, to women's rights, and even the Boswell UFO conspiracy.
         Whether used as a debate tool, mock trial, or for classroom discussion,
Issues and Controversies in American History is sure to liven up that history lesson and provoke interest and involvement - clearly a winner!


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