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ScienceWerkz is an impressive product line from Werkz Publishing, available as downloadable apps or science eBooks for tablets (iOS and Android) and computers (MacOS and WindowsOS). The product targets grades 4-10, is aligned with State Standards and Common Core, and its broad content, interactive design and overall high quality make it a 'must have' for any science classroom or home school environment.

ScienceWerkz is advertised as having 'interactive tools that allow students to explore relevant content within a rigorous pedagogical framework that simply is not available in other eBooks today,' and that is, indeed, what is delivered. Students progress through each eBook by clicking on numbered pages on the right. Each page is loaded with attention-grabbing content, ranging from embedded real-life videos and/or animations to Did You Know pop-ups and questions…and throughout, there are opportunities to explore and perform virtual experiments.

Main topics addressed are General Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Chemical Science, Life Science, and some lessons are Earth and the Solar System, Earth's Landforms, Weathering, Erosion and Rocks, Earth's Water and Rivers, Weather and Climate, Measuring Time/Rate/Speed, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, Acids and Alkalis, Transmission of Heat, Ecology 1 & 2, Electricity 1 & 2, Nutrition in Plants, Nutrition in Humans, and more.

The company continues to develop new eBooks, encourages feedback, and offers a free trial download on the website - highly recommended. We look forward to seeing what comes next!

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