Two Top Picks

THINK THROUGH MATH [Think Through Learning]

         Many excellent products were received in this year's
Education Software Review Awards (EDDIES). We are pleased to provide an in-depth review of two selected entries:

          Think Through Math does exactly what its title says. The web-based learning system offers problem-solving exercises and drills which focus on fundamentals and rigorous instruction, providing the opportunities students need to reason with, reflect upon, and practice mathematics in order to deepen understanding. It is built for Common Core State Standards, is a highly effective math intervention system, and can be used independently with minimal teacher assistance.
          Designed for Grade 4 to Algebra 1,
Think Through Math is intelligent and adaptive: Students begin with a placement test that measures their level of content mastery relative to grade level. The placement creates a personalized learning pathway and targets grade level expectations, transitioning from basic platform skills, to the foundations of algebra-readiness, to Algebra I. Learning games keep students motivated as they earn redeemable points and rewards.
          In a sample lesson that teaches "Distance, Rate and Time" for Middle School students, a word problem is presented with multiple choice answers. Math Help is always available, giving painstakingly detailed tutorials with simple, logical steps (diagrams, charts, illustrations) and formulas, e.g., distance = time x rate, to assist the student in understanding how to make the right choice. And if that isn't enough, bilingual live help is available by clicking the TTM Teacher tab.
          Some of the units offered are: Operations & Algebraic Thinking; Number & Operation in Base Ten; Number & Operation - Fractions; Measurement & Data; Geometry; Ratios & Proportional Relationships; The Number System; Expressions & Equations; Functions; Statistics & Probability; Congruence; Similarity, Right Triangles, & Trigonometry; Circles; Expressing Geometric Properties with Equations; Conditional Probability & the Rules of Probability.
          For teachers, there is access to CCSS reports to evaluate readiness for the Common Core State Standards; Detail and Trend Reports to track, monitor, and ensure student achievement; and Overview Reports to view customized student usage information.
          This unique web-based learning system is accessible from school or home, and is sure to boost math skills.

Core Concepts Suite: Chemistry:  Most people remember high school chemistry class as a dry, pedantic slog through the periodic table, while a lucky few have memories of an exciting, dynamic introduction to the workings of the world. Now, with the use of Core Concepts Chemistry, the third (and newest) website database in Rosen Publishing's Core Concepts Suite, there will be more of the lucky few!
         Core Concepts Chemistry is so rich in resources - hands-on experiments and activities, biographies, and interactive timelines -  with dozens of videos and tools to support challenged readers, it doesn't feel like a database at all. Designed for either individual or group learning, the inclusive and dynamic content challenges students with units such as Atoms and Molecules, Chemical Reactions, Chemistry in Your World, Matter, Organic Chemistry, and more.  The many enrichment activities, from video creation, podcasts, social media campaigns, to science fair projects, will keep students engaged and challenged.
         For teachers,
Core Concepts Chemistry provides curriculum correlations, newsletters, lesson plans, online training, and reference guides. The inquiry-based, problem-based, and project-based experiences will give even a beginning teacher the tools to craft a dynamic classroom practice.
         For too long, chemistry class has been the arm of STEM learning that has stifled budding scientific careers, and
Core Concepts Chemistry is the breath of fresh air that just may change that around.