Stride Academy (Website, Pre-K to Grade 12)
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         Designed for PC, Macbook and tablet, Stride Academy provides 27/7 online access to rigorous curriculum and instruction matched to individual skill needs in Math, Reading and Science. The patented adaptive technology automatically creates customized learning plans for students as they practice skills, and diagnoses and repositions students to a level where they can succeed.
         The program is aligned to CCSS, builds foundational skills, and accelerates learning. It offers a variety of learning options: Instant feedback, where incorrect answers trigger tutorials throughout the course; embedded word definitions; a multimedia toolkit that provides access to skills practice, video tutorials, and printable study guides; opportunities for interactivity - multiple choice questions utilize various devices, such as drop down menus, drag and drop, or highlighting text; games reinforce learning and students are rewarded with points and badges.
         On the home page, students select a Math, Reading or Science coin to answer multiple choice questions and earn coins. Graphics are rich and colorful, inviting the student to participate further. In a typical lesson, when a problem is answered correctly, a reward game is earned, with the option to play or not. If a wrong answer is given twice, the program shows the correct answer (and may include a tutorial), then moves to the next drill. Some sample lessons follow:
         Math: In a 4th grade unit on Number Concepts and Relationships there are drills on ordering numbers. Reading: A unit on Author's Style covers skill areas such as pun, point of view, use of rhyme, satire, plot, setting, and more. Life Science: A unit explores Characteristics of the Environment.
Pre-Kindergarten Early Reading offers automatic voiceover to improve pronunciation and reading skills.
         Some essential tools for Teachers and administrators are: A Real-Time Data Reporting feature, which offers customizable, detailed and summary reports pertaining to student, class, school/site, or overall district; built-in reports include Usage, Diagnostic, Grouping, and Assessment - all of which are exportable.
         LTS offers free consultation to address specific curriculum needs.       

Reading For Success (Website)
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         Reading for Success is a multimedia course designed to help English Language Learners (ELL), ages 11 and up, excel in an English-speaking school setting.  As part of DynEd's English listening and speaking course, English for Success, Reading for Success incorporates all of the latest research on the acquisition of a second language: Developing fluency, automaticity, and comprehension with broad academic content.
         The 20 Units of
Reading for Success are constructed around four short, non-fiction (science, math, and history) readings which develop the critical domains of effective reading - fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and word analysis - with exercises that reinforce and build on each other.  A drop-down menu offers easy access to records, reports, and speech recognition levels, and students can work at their own pace.
         Winner of the
2014 EDDIE for Multi-Level ELL, Reading for Success is not a traditional or conventional second-language learning course.  By working with the most up-to-date studies on learning and instructional approaches, DynEd has developed a dynamic course in Reading for Success which may very well change the approach teachers use in educating struggling readers, as well as students new to English.