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Prepworks, a leader in prescriptive and personalized learning/tutoring programs. Founded in 2005, the company utilizes innovative software, courseware and reporting features to help students achieve higher test scores.
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Prepworks products, aligned to Common Core State Standards, are designed to promote student success in pre-college assessments and End of Course (EOC) exams. Product interface is elegant, yet simple, and employs 'adaptive technology' or LPS - Learning Positioning System® to provide competency-based, performance-driven, and intelligently automated, targeted personalized instruction (including real test questions) based on each student's needs.
2015 EDDIE Awards entries were LPS-Adaptive Algebra 1, LPS-Adaptive Civics, and LPS-Adaptive ACT. In this review we describe one of the entries (see below), the methodology of which parallels the other courses.
         Each product is enhanced with powerful technology tools: HD video lessons, strategy animations, Interactive Sketchpad, and a searchable CORE Knowledge Toolbox which delivers video lessons and quizzes that reinforce learning. Virtual office hours are provided (weekly live online help) via video, chat and screen-share.
LPS-Adaptive Civics: The Learning Modules/Blocks include Basics of Government, Citizenship, The Road to Independence, The Road to Constitution, Government Structure, Citizens and the Constitution, Beyond Our Borders, The Political Process, EOC Civics Practice Tests. There are 8 skills assessments, 8 skills reviews, 26 Learning Modules, step-by-step solutions and practice questions.
         After an initial assessment, a personalized course is generated for the student. In the
Forms of Government Learning Module, instructional animated videos teach fundamental knowledge essential to passing the EOC assessment. Discussed are Monarchy, Democracy, and Socialism, with  follow-up questions to assess understanding of important concepts in the lesson, e.g., how does Socialism differ from Communism. Modules end with Practice and EOC Tests.
         The instructional design of the
Prepworks products simulates what the student might find in real-life testing situations, and proven strategies are used to ensure  success. Congratulations to Prepworks, winner of three awards in this year's EDDIES.