Smart Tutor Reading & Math (Website)
[Smart Tutor, LLC (954) 584-5250; grades K-5]

         Smart Tutor Reading and Math, a valuable Internet resource since 2002, has kept abreast of the latest trends, innovations, national and state standards, and competes very nicely in today's market.
         The best online educational systems today offer some, if not all, of the following: Assessment-driven differentiated instruction, individualized educational program (IEP), progress monitoring and reporting, accelerated learning methods to improve test scores in reading and math, motivation, remediation and intervention...and all of these are components of
Smart Tutor Reading and Math.
         The Parent/Teacher Dashboard: After logging in, large buttons link to
Lesson Library (browse and assign lessons), Reports, My Account, How to Videos, and Help (curriculum guides and resources, FAQs, system check). It is surprisingly easy to enroll, edit and delete students; and one simply checks off (selects) lessons from the comprehensive curriculum found in the math and reading library to assign (or remove) them.
Smart Tutor buttons, automatically created for the child after an initial Placement Assessment, lead to prescribed/assigned lessons. Multiple-choice activities offer immediate corrective feedback and remediation if the child does not score at least 70% in the quiz. On-demand speech icons are available throughout, so the child can work with minimal assistance. The motivational games at the completion of lessons are not only fun, but improve mouse skills and manual dexterity.
         The learning environment is rich, colorful and child-friendly with engaging, interactive lessons that include a tutorial, practice exercises, and a graded activity (quiz). The
Reading curriculum comprises over 1500 tutorials and includes Sight Words, Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension. The Math curriculum covers Number Sense & Operations, Measurement Concepts, Geometry Concepts, Algebra and Data Analysis.
Smart Tutor Reading and Math has previously received awards from the ComputED Gazette. Currently, it is winner in the categories Early Elementary - Math Website and Upper Elementary - Language Arts Website. A 14 day free trial is available at the company's website.

Writing A-Z (Website)
[Learning A-Z (866) 889-3731;  grades 3-5]

         Writing A-Z is the newest addition to Learning A-Z's roster of educational online titles for elementary-age students and their teachers.  Winner of this year's EDDIE for Upper Elementary Writing Website, Writing A-Z is fully inclusive for all elementary levels, as well as Pre-Kindergarten, and at every skill level from emergent to fluent.
         Writing A-Z is, at the simplest level, a collection of writing resources which includes lessons, interactive online writing tools for students, as well as online monitoring for progress and growth.  But there's so much more - printable and projectable lessons, reinforcements, and actual book publishing.
         The student interface offers three options:
Process Writing Workshop, Build-A-Book, and Write Your Way, each providing engaging prompts, animated cartoon help, and easy to understand formats.  If writing assignments can be fun, Writing A-Z comes very close.
         In addition,
Writing A-Z is part of Learning A-Z's complete environment, or dashboard, which includes Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids, ReadyTest A-Z, Science A-Z, and Headsprout. These components eliminate the need for teachers to keep multiple records on multiple websites for different subject areas - a real plus when preparing lesson plans, keeping track of progress and assignments, as well as grading and motivation.
         Learning A-Z just keeps getting better, and Writing A-Z is proof.  Well-done.