Apex Learning Middle School Tutorials
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         Apex Learning's
Middle School Tutorials website is well-designed, using the latest technology to provide a beautiful and easy-to-maneuver user interface. The digital curriculum actively engages students in learning, combining embedded supports and scaffolds to meet diverse student needs. Actionable data informs instructions and ensures success in student achievement. 
         The program supports students of all levels, from those struggling with grade-level content to those capable of accelerating their learning. It provides common-core-based courses and tutorials in Math, Science, English, Social Studies, World Languages, Electives, and Advanced Placement for grades 6 through 12.  Students are empowered to take control of their own learning, and are encouraged to complete coursework. A program monitoring feature provides real-time data and summary reports.
         One example of how
Middle School Tutorials works is 6th Grade Math, which contains units on Ratios and Rates, Percents and Conversions, Dividing Fractions, Number Sense, Signed Numbers, The Coordinate Plane, Formulatiog and Simplifying Expressions, Algebraic Expressions, Solving Equations and Inequalities 1 and 2, Area and Volume, Geometry, and more. In the unit Ratios and Rates, an interactive Pretest consisting of 9 questions generates a personalized learning plan. Enough cannot be said about the cleverly designed dynamic charts and dropdown menus for selecting answers; and results/scoring are provided instantly upon completion.
         Prescribed lessons are challenging and engaging. Student opportunities are:
Try it (multiple choice questions), Learn it (facts and drills), Review it (well-structured tutorials including high quality video lessons), and Test it ("Are you ready to test yourself?" - 5 questions).
         We would be remiss if we did not mention the comprehensive Help screen, where dropdown menus abound for teachers and students.
Student Getting Started items include Courses, Tutorial, APER, ALVS; Staff Getting Started items include Site Coordinator, Teacher Courses, Teacher Tutorials, Mentor Courses; How To includes Staff/Student Accounts, Classrooms, Course/Tutorial navigation & activities, Reports... ; Curriculum Resources items include Curriculum Alignment, Course/Tutorial Guides, AP Exam Review Resources, Curriculum Changes; and Reference Desk includes Course Materials, Document/Video Library...
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Middle School - Online Multi-Subject Tutorials.
Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Calculus, and World History  [Edgenuity (480) 423-0118] - (Website)

Edgenuity is well-known for its very high quality, stand-alone courseware. Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Calculus, and World History are no exceptions!  Bundled together, these three courses represent some of Edgenuity's best work.
         All are extremely rigorous and thorough, with strong writing components.
AP Environmental Science prepares students to become real scientists; AP World History stresses primary sources and factual material; and AP Calculus is a course that a college math major might find challenging. Not "read-this-and-answer-a-few-questions" programs, these courses require either a textbook, lab work, primary websites, and/or other support material.  The on-screen instructors are, for the most part, well-spoken and comfortable with the content.
         Available in nineteen different languages and with on-screen tools such as highlighting, enotes, glossaries, transcripts, and chat manager, students can navigate through the courses with ease.  And a certain level of mastery in each can earn college credit.
         Most useful for individual students (not classrooms), these courses will help to answer students' needs in small, rural, or remote schools, homeschoolers, or simply students who want to accelerate beyond the offerings of their high school.
         For teachers,
Edgenuity provides a dashboard where students can be followed and evaluated, and real time data allows educators to monitor progress and achievement.
Edgenuity now offers over 200 courses, and if Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Calculus and World History are examples of what is yet to come, then Edgenuity is a company to watch.