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         Mathletics is a targeted, comprehensive and highly captivating online math resource which powers learning for Elementary School children. The interface is lively and engaging, and large, easy-to-use buttons give access to scaffolded, curriculum-aligned activities. Grading is immediate, and a reporting column on the right keeps the child apprised of progress.
         Courses are separated into topics that represent the major areas of focus within each year, including pre- and post-assessment, all mapped to the requirements of the curriculum. Three modes are available:
         LEARN - units are
Operations and Algebraic Thinking (add and subtract using problems or graphs, commutative property of addition, missing number...); Number and Operation in Base Ten (counting on a 100 grid, place value, column and mental addition...); Measurement and Data (compare lengths, pictographs, sorting data...); and Geometry (halves and quarters, shape fractions, same and different).  A feature called "Something Easier" makes this a plus for the struggling student.
         PLAY - interactive illustrations and animations allow children to explore math concepts, and embedded options include searching for content by word or alphabet. Clicking in the left and bottom panes provides a knowledge base of hundreds of math terms, e.g., arc, chord, circumference, congruent, convex, dodecagon, icosagon, nonagon, polyhedron, Fibonacci Sequence, Pascal's Triangle and so on.
         REVIEW - checks for learning gaps, and accommodates scheduled tests.
         We should mention
Live Mathletics, an area where students are matched randomly with others around the world in online, real-time 60-second races. And newly added is Multiverse, an immersive adventure in multiplication that kids will love.
Mathletics is aligned with the Common Core and state-based domains and standards for math, and offers powerful management and reporting tools on the teacher dashboard (Classes, Courses & Tests, Assign, Results, Reports, Library, and Settings). It is adaptable to homeschooling, and effective for students in need of remediation.

Shmoop University
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         Shmoop? Is that even a word? You bet. And it's a clue to the approach Shmoop University takes with regard to its courseware.
         Now, there are a lot of online courses offered these days from a bunch of different companies. But
Shmoop is unique. Devoted to applying a modicum of entertainment to decidedly serious and important subject areas, Shmoop University promises lessons that won't 'put you to sleep' - and there are puns and pop culture allusions galore.
         On the serious side,
Shmoop Courses offers over a dozen subject areas, most of which are accepted by over 2,000 public and private colleges and universities. Among these are Math (12 courses), Literature and Humanities (19), Psychology, History and Social Studies (12), Sciences (3), and Business and Communications (11). The courses all have Unit Tests and Final Exams, many of which will transfer to other institutions.
         Perhaps even more important in these times of $20,000/year tuition,
Shmoop University's courses are affordable, self-paced, and accessible remotely on any device. And learning is fun at Shmoop; or at least, not too painful. We've long enjoyed Shmoop's approach, and commend them for a job well done. (Winner of the 2018 EDDIES Post-Secondary Multi-Subject Courseware award.)