Meet Our Adults
A word from Linda Springstead

Hello Computer Novices (so was I, until I met Joan at ComputED):

I had my computer for over a year not knowing how to use it. I was doing my business documents and personal items by hand. Please note that that antiquated method is no longer the case.

My computer is a "Mac" (Performa 6320CD) with a Color Stylewriter 1500. Everything was so disorganized, confused, lost, etc. that my anxiety level was high with even the thought of using the computer. It drove me to call Joan at ComputED for relief from the insanity.

The lessons have been most valuable to me. My life is busy as a Registered Nurse doing Forensic exams, courtroom testimony, and working at a Retirement facility. I have a 24 year young darling daughter and a 2 year young grand-dog Rottweiler who both make sure things don't get boring.

Since my lessons this year, I am a much calmer person. I now use ClarisWorks to make my own time-cards to submit to clients, and I also make my own personal stationery. I can insert graphics and locate documents I've saved. And much more. I have learned to actually enjoy my computer, and look forward to my lessons and learning. If it hadn't been for Joan and ComputED, I might have killed "Mac" by now.


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