Meet Our Adults
A word from Jim and Gini Everett

      Jim and Gini are retired Carlsbad residents who have recently tried their hand at running their own Internet business. They were high school sweethearts who went separate ways, each marrying someone else. They got back together in 1976 when Jim transferred to California from New York while in service with the Coast Guard.
    Whenever they get into trouble on the Internet, or have e-mail problems at home, they give ComputED a holler.

    Beau Devereaux is 5 years old, and attends North Coast Montessori Center. He is a yellow belt Tae Kwon Do pupil who dashes home after each class to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy, on KPBS.
    Grandfather, Robert, who brings Beau to ComputED twice a week, says that Beau enjoys his computer lessons with teachers Joan and Marie.  "His natural curiosity and imagination lead him to discover new things, how they work, and how they fit in the world."
    Beau has many favorite programs, including Putt Putt Saves the Zoo (Humongous
) and Piggy in Numberland (Learning in Motion).

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