I LOVE MATH! (ages 7-11)
[D.K. Interactive Learning (212) 213-4800. Mac/Windows CD-ROM.]

  I Love Math! is an effective multimedia program which teaches important math concepts in a somewhat humorous and contemporary style that appeals to kids from ages 7 to 11. There is a plot: Wilbur and Gretchen are troublemakers who travel back in time to rearrange history - the child's job is to visit 4 ancient cities via a time machine, and save the world by solving math problems; but the imaginative settings and unique delivery of the problems and exercises are equally motivating.
    There are 3 modes of play: Mission Mode, Free Travel, and Challenge (which allows customization). Then there are 4 difficulty levels which cover learning of ordering, comparing, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement, geometric shapes, decimals, fractions and percents. Hints and help are a click away. Designed for 1 or 2 players, with minimum assistance required, the program is a lot of fun.

EAROBICS, Steps 1 and 2 (ages 4-7 and 7-10)

[Cognitive Concepts, (888) 328-8199. Mac/Win CD-ROM]

    Earobics (Steps 1 and 2) are well-written, easy-to-use, interactive mutlimedia programs which teach the phonological awareness and auditory processing skills needed for reading success. Step 1 is designed for (developmental) ages 4-7; Step 2, for ages 7-10, including children with special learning needs.
    The programs are very user-friendly, easily accessed, well designed, and fun, and directives are clearly given to the user, with repetition as needed. When a child answers incorrectly, the correct answers are shown. Earobics 1 and 2 are fully customizable, and perhaps one of the most powerful features is the "built-in" intelligence which maximizes learning by precisely controlling important learning variables: When a child encounters difficulty, Earobics automatically adjusts the level for the child's current skill level.

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