Now in its fourth year, the Best Children's Educational Software Awards (BESSIEs) is proud to announce the 1997-98 winners, with entries received from around the nation. Criteria for selection include: Ease of use and installation, curriculum inclusion (coverage of a given subject), content quality (how well the subject is delivered), professionalism and design, and the amount of parent/teacher involvement required. But the software must also pass a tougher challenge: ComputED's experienced kids have to really like it - a measure used by few other award bodies - and high recommendation, indeed. We are pleased to highlight some of the winners.

Ranked according to academic subject area and general age group, winners of the 1997 BESSIE Awards are:


      Actimates: Barney [Microsoft, (800) 426-9400]


      Multi-Subject: Big Thinkers: Kindergarten
, (425) 951-2149]
Social Studies: Junior Field Trips [Humongous,
            (425) 951-2149]

Actimates: Barney

  • EARLY ELEMENTARY  (Grades 1-3)

      Social Studies: Magic Wardrobe [IBM, (914) 766-3365]
Multiple Subject: My Personal Tutor [Microsoft, (800) 426-9400]
Language Arts: Jo-Jo's Read 'N Say World [Mindplay, (520) 888-1800]
Math: Gold Medal Math [EdVenture , (203) 852-9246]
Interactive Adventure: Putt Putt's Travels Through Time [Humongous,
            (425) 951-2149]

  • UPPER ELEMENTARY  (Grades 4-6)

      Science: Hi-Tech Hijinks [KnowWonder, (425) 482-0202]
Language Arts: Reading Search [Great Wave, (408) 438-1990]
Math: The Factory [Sunburst, (800) 321-7511]
Interactive Adventure: Spy Fox in Dry Cereal [Humongous, (425) 951-2149]
  • SECONDARY (Grades 7-12)

      Math: Algebra Quest [Media Quest, (309) 664-1742]
Science: An Odyssey of Discovery: Science [Pierian Spring, (800) 472-8578]
Language Arts: An Odyssey of Discovery: Writing for Readers [Pierian Spring,
            (800) 472-8578]

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