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Smart Tutor - Math
[Learning Today (954) 584-5250, grades K-5]

Smart Tutor - Reading was the recipient of an in-depth review in the 2008/Spring issue of the Gazette. This year, our judges are so impressed with the new entry from Learning Today, Smart Tutor - Math, that it has also been selected for an award and a review.

The comprehensive, research-based online math program is outstanding in delivery and content, and teaches critical skills to students in grades K-5 using colorful, interactive multimedia graphics. With the Smart Tutor method, students log on and take a computer adaptive assessment. An individualized learning path is created when a student's academic ability level is determined, and the program advances automatically as skills are learned. Lessons have a minimum of two components:
Tutorial, where activities are non-graded; and at least one benchmark mastery test, which is timed and graded.

Of special note is the Resource Center, where teachers are provided all the support needed to familiarize them with the system. Teacher Guides include System Overview, Program Objectives, Curriculum Overview, a 36 page Teacher's Manual, and FAQs. There is a Training Area that can be used for initial training or as a refresher.

Students and teachers will find a lot to love about this intuitive and easy-to-learn program. (Access to the materials requires a subscription.)
Read To Learn
[Attainment Company (608) 845-7880, High School/Post-Secondary]

Read To Learn, by Attainment Company, is a marvelous combination of software and support library which helps special education transition students (those who are about to enter life outside the classroom) 'learn the ropes' in order to cope with the real world.

Designed for late high school/post-secondary students who read at third-grade level or lower, the combination of four software titles and four complimentary, heavily illustrated Life Skill Readers is a powerful tool to help students develop the skills necessary to thrive on their own. The titles include: Life Skills, Safety Skills, Social Story Skills, and Connections in the Workplace - and teach skills from reading other people's expressions to how to be a good employee - for a total of 118 lessons.  Illustrated with either photographs or graphic novel-type art, the content is age-appropriate and very contemporary, compelling for even the most jaded student.  Professionally narrated, with a user-friendly management system for teachers or parents, it has all the bells and whistles necessary for every special needs student. We highly recommend this 2009 BESSIE Award winner.

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