Rosetta  Stone Classroom v.3
[Rosetta Stone (800) 788-0822, Grades 3-12]

Rosetta Stone is a recognized name in foreign language learning, with over 30 languages available. For years, the user interface of the Personal Edition CDs has captivated students from the first screen, keeping them engaged in learning while the program helps them acquire critical language skills.

Now offered is a subscription-based online version,
Rosetta Stone Classroom Version 3, which can be incorporated into a school's curriculum to  accelerate language learning. The program correlates to state and national standards, and has the same unique look and feel of the CD versions. After logging in, students begin with simple, interactive drills (pictures and voice prompts, including voice recognition via microphone) that help them learn to pronounce words and sentences. With multimedia technology, students develop language-learning strategies and are 'immersed' in the target language. New words and phrases are communicated through native speakers, written language and real-life images, and immediate feedback reinforces comprehension.

The Classroom Version is equipped with
Rosetta Stone Manager, a powerful administrative tool that allows teachers to customize students' learning experiences, including reporting and planning functionalities. Administrators and instructors can select from predefined curricula or create new, custom curricula.

Rosetta Stone Classroom Version 3 provides guided or self-directed study, and advances students to the next level when they achieve a level of proficiency. It is a delight to use, and has been awarded a BESSIE in the category Multi-Level Foreign Language Website.

ELT Teacher Development Website
[Pearson Longman (914) 287-8160, Post-Secondary]

Pearson Longman's
Teacher Development Interactive (for English Language Teachers - ELT, although better-known as ESL) is such a valuable resource, we found ourselves wondering why more teacher development courseware and programs aren't available which are affordable, convenient, and well-designed. 

Created in conjunction with Hunter University and utilizing the talents of renowned specialist, Dr. Jack C. Richards,
Teacher Development Interactive covers every aspect of ELT in two distinct modules, Listening and Speaking.  Using state-of-the-art videos of lectures, explanations, lesson design, exercises - in fact, all of the five domains of learning - it  helps teachers master the art of teaching speaking, listening, reading, writing, fluency, and more to their ESL students.  This course is so good, it could replace certification courses at colleges and universities - and maybe it should.  Winner of a 2009 BESSIE ELT Teacher Development Website award, congratulations to Pearson Longman!

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