MultiLab4 (Grades 9-12)
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         MultiLab4 is a powerful data analysis program for PC, Mac, Android or Linux that imports data from an external device or data logger (equipped with built-in or detachable sensors) connected via USB or Bluetooth.
         One of the most impressive features of
MultiLab4 is its ability to perform complex data analysis with the click of a mouse - results of an experiment are delivered in customizable 'floating' windows, with drag and drop capability. Of note is the Analysis function, where output can be curve fit, statistics, math functions, slope, area, average, or Photogate.
         The interface is intuitive: (1) The Play button starts a Run, and can be operated manually or set to repeat at intervals (2) A Menu Bar opens files, switches languages (English or Russian), and performs editing functions (3) A History window keeps track of all experiments during the current session, including saved graphs and charts (4) Tabs switch between Basic Tools, Work Space and Analysis.
         For every experiment,
MultiLab4 automatically creates a new project file containing all the information collected and processed. Each of these files contains all the data sets collected, the analysis functions processed, specific graphs and tables created, and the settings for the experiment. Additionally, there is a built-in scientific calculator, a note feature, and one can share/export data as a CSV file.
         With its ability to process experiments from a variety of sensors (Heart Rate, Humidity, Light, Temperature, UV, Pressure and more) and deliver comprehensive data views in tables, graphs and meters,
MultiLab4 is sure to stimulate science learning and inquiry.

SpringBoard Digital Math and ELA (Websites)
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         CollegeBoard, widely known as the publisher and administrator of the SAT and other college-entrance exams, has entered education's digital world with SpringBoard Digital Math and ELA - comprehensive year-long courses fully aligned to Common Core Standards. Designed for Grades 6 through 12 (ELA) and Grades 6 through 8 (Math), each course can be accessed through multiple technologies: Desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, and interactive whiteboards
         Providing for 'authentic work worth doing,' these courses address standards with complete interactivity, text-based responses, and understanding by design. Teachers have total control of instruction and editable content, with separate features such as the Bookshelf, Grade Book, Assessment, Progress Reports, Teacher Notebook, Messages, Community, Class Roster, and Student Portfolios.  The Bookshelf is the meat of the course, offering lessons, texts, and standards alignments side-by-side on the page, all of which are completely customizable.
         SpringBoard's courses, winners of the 2014 BESSIES for Middle School: Math Website and Middle School Language Arts Website, are student-centered core curriculums as well as personalized teaching tools, with an eye on future success (and AP Placement) for all students.  An impressive effort.