Unique Learning System
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         Unique Learning System® is a standards-based program specifically designed for students with special needs, enabling them to access the general education curriculum. The personalized system allows the educator to spend more time engaging students in valuable learning time by providing differentiated lesson materials, detailed lesson plans, standards alignments and evidence-based teaching strategies having data-driven results.
         Unique Learning System supports Special Education students who have the potential to excel at their studies, but have a more diverse set of needs and exhibit learning difficulties when using the "one size fits all" model of traditional education curricula. The rigorous lesson materials allow each student to participate, learn and grow.
         Some special features of
Unique Learning System are(1) GPS (Goals, Preferences, Skills) - an assessment tool that provides guidance, and helps teachers navigate the various state and national standards. It provides data and tracking information to assist in identifying student, classroom and program goals; growth and current level of performance;  Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) goals; and collects both summative and formative data to define appropriate goals for students. (2) Administrators - Administrators can manage faculty and students, monitor progress, customize reporting, and oversee implementation in the organization. (3) Profile - This tool can be used to indicate a student's level of performance throughout a grade-level. Four Profiles are available - Self-Help, Preschool, K-12 Student Learning, and Transition. (4) Benchmarks - This feature collects baseline data and monitors progress in targeted skills areas including reading, writing, math, transition and emerging skills. (5) Checkpoints - Pre- and post-assessment measurements of monthly unit content and skills acquisition are available. (6) Core Rubrics - Readiness skills in the areas of employability, communication, self-advocacy, daily living and social strategies are measured. (7) Transition Planning facilitates future planning for employment, daily living needs, community access and more.
         There are complete programs for
Reading, Math and Social Studies. Of special note are the n2y Library, which features a searchable collection of more than 1,000 leveled books to aid in reading development, and the News-2-You weekly online newspaper, which is cleverly designed to connect students with the world through news and current events topics.
Unique Learning System's materials are not only available for printing, but can also be accessed digitally on tablets, computers, whiteboards, and other technology devices.

Fuel Education's Stride
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         Adaptive learning technology has made huge strides over the last few years, and Fuel Education's Stride is a masterful example of what has been achieved. Designed as a supplemental tool for classroom teachers, Stride is a powerful (and fun!) online curriculum delivery system which can be accessed by students on nearly all popular devices with Internet access.
         Stride Academy (as the student interface is called) is designed for Pre-K through 8th grade, and delivers practice for Math, Reading, Science, and Language Arts. As students work through the vivid content, they are motivated by earning coins which can buy time playing video games. Useful for any environment (classroom, homeschooling, standardized testing, etc.), Stride provides dynamic and engaging content as well as a spirit of community and competition.
         The teacher dashboard contains many easy-to-use tools, including real-time data on performance and a large video library searchable by topic. Assignments can be made to an individual student or the entire class, and there is a database of supplemental questions on any given topic, and comparative charts and graphics providing real-time data.
         Congratulations to this winner of a
2018 BESSIE Award for Teacher Tools: Adaptive Learning Tool Website.