Kaplan SAT ® Quiz U (iPad version review)
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Kaplan SAT Quiz U is a test preparation app designed to help the user study the most valuable topics in SAT Math (algebra, geometry, arithmetic), SAT Critical Reading (sentence completion, reading comprehension), and SAT Writing (improving sentences and paragraphs, sentence error identification). It offers practice materials, timed or untimed mini quizzes, and clear explanations by a Kaplan teacher - all aimed at raising scores quickly.

The iPad interface is elegant and intuitive: Large arrows move the user back and forth through study questions, and there is the opportunity to bookmark a problem and revisit it later. When answers are incorrect, the
View Explanation button provides high quality audio tips on how to approach the problem and look for key ideas (often there are whiteboard notations). A toolbar includes a pen tool for solving problems, highlighting text, or eliminating answer choices. There is immediate feedback on overall progress, and the user can post a question on the discussion board and receive a timely answer from a Kaplan teacher.

Kaplan SAT Quiz U is an app for portable devices that is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. One typically downloads the app from the iTunes store, and prices for individual units start at .99, with a Full Access Pass available.

Atomic Learning
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Imagine you've just been named the new technology coordinator for your school district.  After a quick needs assessment, you're dismayed to discover a huge range of competencies - some teachers have access to email but don't use it; some can use Word, but not PowerPoint; some need help with a classroom blog; and some want to learn more about creating complex multimedia presentations. There are dozens of teachers and just one of you.  What to do?

That's where
Atomic Learning steps in.  Winner of the 2013 EDDIE for Professional Development Website, Atomic Learning is an elegant solution to the hypothetical, yet all too real, quandary mentioned above.  Billing itself as an 'online technology training and professional development tool for educators' with a view to helping teachers mold students into college or career-ready 21st Century learners, it succeeds brilliantly.

A simple, yet efficient, interface contains four buttons: Home, Tools, Support, and Solutions.  Home provides access to Search, Favorites, Training, Spotlights, and Custom Training; and it is the Search function that really impresses.

Whether by keyword, specific application, or competency,
Atomic Learning offers over a thousand different options in its learning series. Everyone, from rank beginner to advanced technophile, will find something here to meet their needs; and you, the technology coordinator, will be able to get every teacher in your district up to snuff.

Congratulations and well done!        


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