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         BookFlix is a colorful, child-friendly online literacy resource for children in grades Pre-K through 3, designed to develop essential reading skills and introduce a world of knowledge and exploration.
         The subscription-based website promotes phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency skills by pairing classic videos (Weston Woods storybooks) with related nonfiction (from Children's Press and other trusted Scholastic imprints). The fiction/nonfiction pairs are categorized according to nine themes: Animals and Nature, Earth and Sky, Family and Community, People and Places, Music and Rhyme, ABC's and 1, 2, 3's, Adventure, Imagination, and Celebrations.
How it works: On the vibrant opening screen, children can choose to read from a wide array of eBooks. The Animals and Nature theme offers up to 50 activities/ebooks; or click on the "Featured Pair" on the left. Once a book is open, stimulating activities include: Watch the Story (streaming video of a classic children's story; a read-along option can be activated to display the audio portion of the story, with word-by-word highlighting as it plays); Read the Book (related nonfiction text presented in an eBook format. Key content vocabulary words are highlighted in yellow, with the definition readily available; an ear icon invokes the read-aloud option); Puzzlers (interactive educational games related to the specific pair); Meet the Creators (profiles of the author and illustrator of the story); and Explore the Web (editorially selected, age-appropriate Web links related to the pair topic).
         The Scholastic team believes that pairing fiction and nonfiction is a proven, effective way of developing critical reading and comprehension skills, with texts that enhance readers' comprehension, vocabulary and background knowledge.
         For teachers, a lesson plan accompanies each pair as a starting point for ideas. General strategies and activities are appropriate for use with any pair, and themed activities are suggested for use with pairs that fall within a particular category. A wonderful product for this age group.

Science A-Z
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         How does one get the very young interested in science at an early age when it could lead to a lifelong vocation or occupation?
  Using fun and engaging lessons, hands-on experiments and projects within a high interest curriculum, Science A-Z addresses this issue while teaching essential STEM skills.
         Especially unique to
Science A-Z are Storylines which challenge students to explore and experiment on their own and arrive at solutions that meet the evidence at hand - an approach called Three-Dimensional Learning.
         To meet this challenge,
Science A-Z provides teachers with thousands of science knowledge resources and practices, and ties it all to key literacy skills with multi-level books in the areas of Life Science, Earth and Space, Physical Science, and Process Science.
         With lively graphics, compelling videos and stimulating content,
Science A-Z stands out as an exceptional science educational resource. Winner of the 2018 EDDIES, Science A-Z deserves a serious look by all K-6 educators.

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