ScienceWerkz Collection
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         The digitization of education creates learning that is appropriate for the 21st century, and portable handheld devices/tablets (iOS, Android, etc.) are the perfect vehicle for harnessing the technology now available to school-age children.
ScienceWerkz Collection is an elegant suite of stand-alone science programs (eBooks) designed to capture a child's interest and promote a love of science. The suite offers personalized, inquiry-based, blended and experiential learning aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, with content that develops interrelated competencies and augments the school curriculum.
ScienceWerkz is downloaded to a device using an app called NODMA (a nod to mind advancement).  Once downloaded, titles can be launched and used anywhere/anytime without an Internet connection, making the product accessible to a child in any environment.
         Over 30 eBooks are currently available for grades 5-10 students in
General Science, Life Science, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Earth Science. Units cover diverse topics such as: Introduction to Science, Acids and Alkalis, Earth's Landforms, Transmission of Heat, Nutrition in Humans, Respiration, Measuring Length and Area, Atoms, Molecules and Ions, Light Energy, Ecology 1 & 2, Forces and Moments, Heredity, Diversity of Animals and Plants, Measuring Time, Rate and Speed, Solutions and Suspensions, Energy Forms and Conversion, Weather and Climate, Earth and the Solar System, Measuring Volume, Mass, Density and Temperature, Particulate Model of Matter, Electricity 1 & 2, Cells, Elements, Compounds and Mixtures, Overview of Earth Science, Forces, Nutrition in Plants, Separation of Mixtures, and Changes in Matter.
         The eBooks are designed to fully engage the child using dynamic content, virtual experiments, popouts, inline videos, drag and drop activities, animations, and 'science extras' that provide supplemental information. An exciting example is the unit on
Measuring Length and Area, which not only distinguishes between external, internal and vernier calipers, but offers interactive videos for hands-on manipulation of each type of caliper. In Atoms, Molecules and Ions, various activities introduce scientific abbreviations and SI units; explain and compare atoms and molecules; give the characteristics of subatomic particles - electrons, neutrons and protons; and much more.
ScienceWerkz Collection is a motivating and well-designed product that children will enjoy. It is offered to schools as a full annual subscription, but the eBooks can also be purchased individually (information available on the company's website).

Prepworks College & Career Readiness SAT Adaptive Course
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         The SATs are, arguably, the most important test a young person will ever take. It determines which college he/she can attend, whether scholarships and grants are available, and so much more. Preparing for the tests is paramount! But how to go about that?
Prepworks has the answer: Prepworks College & Career Readiness SAT Adaptive Course. First and foremost, it is an elegant program with clear graphics and a simple, user-friendly interface. Designed to adapt to individual users in real time based on performance in each lesson area, it is incredibly thorough and rich in practice and instruction. The SAT Adaptive Course offers thousands of HD video lessons and practice questions with detailed explanations, three SAT practice tests, a library of thousands of core knowledge videos, access to a live instructor, and, if a student doesn't gain at least 200 points, Prepworks will refund the fee (although the average point gain is 300 points).
         While there's nothing flashy about the
SAT Adaptive Course, it is a very well-rounded, comprehensive tool from which most students will benefit, and we highly recommend this 2018 EDDIES College/Career Readiness Website winner.