Winners of the 1999 Education Software Review Awards

      ComputED Learning Lab, San Diego's leading computer education facility for children and adults, is pleased to announce winners of its
4TH ANNUAL EDUCATION REVIEW AWARDS (EDDIEs) - awards aimed at recognizing innovative and substantive programs which are appropriate for use by educators to augment the classroom curriculum and improve teacher productivity. Winners were selected from titles submitted by software publishers from around the nation. Selection was based on academic content, potential for broad classroom use, technical merit, subject approach, and quality of management system. Winners are announced in national press releases to the media, and on prominent educational websites on the Internet. All EDDIE entries are showcased in ComputED's Software Preview Center, visited by educators and families through the year.

Thinkin' Things Fripple Town [Edmark (800) 320-8379]


Math: Piggy in Numberland [Learning in Motion (800) 560-5670]
Language Arts: Let's Go Read! 2: An Ocean Adventure [Edmark (800) 320-8379]
Science: Magic Schoolbus Explores the World of Animals [Microsoft (800) 426-9400]
Social Studies: My First Amazing History Explorer [DK Interactive Learning (888) 342-5357]
Interactive Story: Start to Read! [School Zone (616) 846-5030]


Math: I Love Math! [DK Interactive Learning (888) 342-5357]
Language Arts: Get the Story! [Steck-Vaughn (512) 795-3688]
Science: Thinkin Science-ZAP! [Edmark (800) 320-8379]
Social Studies: Frontier Ahead [Steck-Vaughn (512) 795-3688]
Multi-Subject: Galactic Whiz Kid [VTechSoft (949) 752-6236]

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