• ASSIST Integrated Education Management System
  • Pearson OBL Advanced Placement Courses
  • Literacy Planet
  • LanSchool Air (Lenovo Software)
  • MobyMax (MobyMax)
  • Learning A-Z

         One of the best things about publishing the Gazette is having the opportunity to observe the ever-changing face of technology and its impact on the advancement of education.  In addition, the advent of cloud-based content has improved the delivery of services and helped to lower costs.  We discuss, below, the newest products for your consideration.

         Released in 2018,
ASSIST Integrated Education Management System combines all the necessary management tools into one cloud-based product.  Elegant and all-inclusive, it's a solution for managing both school and school district ( see full review).
         Also released in 2018,
Pearson Online & Blended Learning is now offering Advanced Placement courses online.  The three courses entered into the 2019 BESSIES, AP US History, AP Human Geography, and AP English Literature & Composition (see full review) answer a pressing need for individualized and accelerated learning, and provide an avenue for advanced high school students to acquire college credits and reduce college costs.
LiteracyPlanet, a joint Australian/US entry, shows great promise for promoting literacy, and we are looking forward to their continuing success (see full review).
         In today's environment, with the opportunity to integrate with such powerful tools as
Google Classroom, LanSchool Air, a cloud-based product, simplifies classroom management, making it easy to track progress, redirect focus, and assist individuals at every skill level (see full review).
         We should mention two companies whose product(s) won in multiple categories in this year's BESSIES: MobyMax (see review in 2018), which is designed to help students learn twice as fast, and Learning A-Z, which is always adding terrific new content and exciting new books to their stellar line-up - a kid favorite, and one of ours, as well (see review in 2018).