Bob Lucas was raised in Indianapolis, and now lives at Oceana in Oceanside with his wife, Peggy. After enlisting in the Navy in 1943, he served as a mechanic on the USS TREPANG, a submarine which saw lots of action in the war.

     Bob's activities in civilian life are quite varied: He has owned a commercial fishing business, founded a tool and die company, purchased a boat yard in Marina del Rey, and owned a stable of thoroughbreds.
     Following a massive stroke in 1982, Bob's activities have been limited. However, he is a whiz on the computer, and has taught himself to communicate with family, grandkids and friends via AOL. He has Joan, from ComputED, stop in on a regular basis to work with him on selected issues on the computer.
     Bob's trademark is a smile :-) at the end of every email he sends--which aptly describes his sunny disposition. Keep up the good work, Bob!

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