Encarta Reference Library 2002

     This program was awarded Computed's Best of the Best award for 2001-02.
     Encarta has undergone more than just a name change. The new Encarta Reference Library 2002 has become a
must have for every family's software library. The collection of five CDs (for Windows only) work flawlessly as one program--last year's individual titles, Encyclopedia Deluxe, Dictionary and Thesaurus, World Atlas, Online Deluxe and Factfinder are gone from everything but the box, and an information search will lead you to whichever 'title' you need.
     The program has far better activities than the nearest competitor: Articles, learning games (9 excellent choices), maps, multimedia, superior online selection (including daily updates, interactive learning activities, A+ homework help, Parent's Center), research, statistics, timelines, and tours.  Our only quibbles are the following: (i) The articles could be beefed up a bit, and the vocabulary level increased (ii) Switching CDs can become tedious. Microsoft has provided a fix for this--you can now download the entire program to your hard drive. We recommend this for the heavy user, if you have the required space on the hard drive.

Inspiration (Inspiration)

     More than a review, this article is a celebration and an explanation!
     Many people wonder why, time and again, Inspiration--and now, Kidspiration-- wins software awards in the industry. (Inspiration won an award in the category "High School: Learning Tools," and Kidspiration in the category "Upper Elementary: Thinking Skills" in this year's BESSIE Awards. Inspiration also won an award in the 2001 EDDIE Awards in the category "Teacher Tools.)
     The explanation is both simple and wonderful. Inspiration wins because there is simply nothing else like it! It inspires - it makes students, teachers and parents think harder and better. It's the one software title all teachers want.


     ELLIS Kids is one of the finest English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) programs we've seen yet. Each of the two levels provides 45 in-depth video lessons, taking the student step-by-step, with lots of practice and drill opportunities. Students can even record themselves and compare their pronunciation with the lesson. Included are two workbooks and an instructor's guide.
     ELLIS Kids does not trivialize the content and, though aimed at elementary-age students, anyone can benefit from this program. It is a winner in this year's BESSIES in the category "ESL."

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