(1994-2004 unavailable)

Summer 2005
Winners of 10th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: PLATO eduTest Assessment; AceReader Pro; Typing Tournament; Exploring America: Paths Through History website; Criterion Online Writing Evaluation website; Life at 35,000 Feet 1.0.
Spring 2006
Winners of 12th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: PowerMediaPlus.com, ezedia QTI, Side by Side Interactive 1,2, Science Explorations website, The US At War website, Starry Night High School.
Summer 2006
Winners of 11th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: PLATO Straight Curve Mathematics, Science Bulletins, Academy of Math 5.1, Inspiration, Kidspiration, CompTIA A+ Certification.
Spring 2007
Winners of 13th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: PLATO Test Packs, I SPY Mystery, Write to learn, Discover Spanish, Orchard Language Arts 7-9, ST Math, unitedstreaming.com, Pokemon Learning League, BRAINtastic Maths, Odyssey Reading.
Summer 2007
Winners of 12th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: ThinkQuest, CreativeCurriculum.net, InspireData, SMART Board Software, CompassLearning Odyssey, Issues: Understanding Controversy & Society, Cool Science Biology Simulations, TI-Nspire CAS, Teen Health and Wellness, MultiLab Software/MultiLogPRO.
Spring 2008
Winners of 14th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: Smart Tutor Reading; Rosetta Stone Spanish 1,2,3; NetTrekker d.i.; Braintastic! Reading Success; KidBiz3000 and TeenBiz3000; My Reading Coach; Practice Planet; Mia Reading: Bugaboo Bugs.
Summer 2008
Winners of 13th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: Adaptive Curriculum; Look, Listen and Speak; PLATO Courses; Gaggle.net; Stars Suite; Kidspiration; Berlitz Virtual Classroom; Piano Suite Premier.
Spring 2009
Winners of 15th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: Smart Tutor-Math; Read to Learn; Rosetta Stone Classroom v.3; ELT Teacher Development Website; Vizzle; SMART Ideas Concept-Mapping Software; Discovery Education Science for Elementary; NetSupport School.
Summer 2009
Winners of 14th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: Odyssey High School; Odyssey High School Science; Odyssey Math 5-6 Intervention; DreamBox Learning K-2 Math; In2Books; Greenwood's Pop Culture Universe; Pixie 2; Pebblego.com; A.D.A.M. Interactive Anatomy; PD in Focus; Upfront.
Spring 2010
Winners of 16th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: NBC Learn; Inspiration 9; NetTrekker; ePals TeamEarth; WebBlender 2; Neighborhood Explorers; The Furniture Training Website; Vizzle; FLRT; AutismPro; MangoMon; Diagnostic Online Math Assessment; My School Day; School Rules!; My Community.
Summer 2010
Winners of 15th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: Defining Moments Downloadables; ImagineLearning English; Reading Plus; English With Jennifer; Educationcity.com; MyNorthStarLab 3; Stars Suite.
Spring 2011
Winners of 17th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: Education2020 (6 entries); Algebra I Online Course; Story Cove Reading; Discovery Education Streaming Plus; amBook 1.0; Verb Module--Lev II & III Spanish; TechSteps; MobiusMath; Success at the Core
Summer 2011
Winners of 16th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: iStartSmart; myOn Reader; Creativity Express Online; Cabanga; Government: An Interactive Approach; StudySync; Professional Learning Suite; ClickN READ Phonics; Every Body Has a Brain.
Spring 2012
Winners of 18th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: TypingInstructorWeb for Kids; Shmoop; PresenceLearning; Reading Eggs; ASCD Edge; Webber HearBuilder; PLATO HS Physics; TeachSource Video Cases; WebCam Laboratory; PowerKids Earth & Space Science; Wonderville; Learning Spot Lessons; Science Simulation Tools; The Science of Everyday Life.
Summer 2012
Winners of 17th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: smarttutor.com; Ticket to Read; Renzulli Learning; PD 360; DreamBox Learning Math; Issues & Controversies in American History; American Government; Explore Learning Gizmos; eSpark Learning; firefly.
Spring 2013
Winners of 19th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: Experiencing Music; Living Music; Mayan Mysteries; Financial Literacy; DE Social Studies TechBook -Beta; AceReader Elite; Together Counts Website; www.readinga-z.com; Compass Learning Odyssey Website; The World Almanac for Kids Online.
Summer 2013
Winners of 18th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: Pixie (iPad app); Clarity for Schools; TrueFlix; ClassLink LaunchPad; Kaplan SAT Quiz U (iPad app); Atomic Learning; ScienceWerks; Study Island; Common Core English Language Arts 11; Reading A-Z; PrepWorks.
Spring 2014
Winners of 20th Annual BESSIES.
Reviews: Mathletics; PEG Writing; MultiLab4; SpringBoard Digital Math & ELA; Social Studies Software Series; Edgenuity; ChineseCUBES; PD 360; Atomic Learning; Clarity for Schools; Lesson Planet; Teachscape Effectiveness Platform.
Summer 2014
Winners of 19th Annual EDDIES.
Reviews: LightSail Literacy Solution (iPad); Istation; Pathblazer; Plato Courseware English 12; Stride Academy; Reading for Success; EmbarK12 Comprehensive; Bloom's Literature; Think Through Math; Core Concepts Suite: Chemistry.
Spring 2015
Winners of 21st Annual BESSIES. Reviews: GET Waggle; Far-Plane: Beyond Boundaries; Wonderville.ca; Edgenuity MyPath; Discovery Education Math Techbook; Algebra 1 (Connections Ed.); LANGUAGE! Live.
Summer 2015
Winners of 20th Annual EDDIES. Reviews: LearnBop; Middle/High School eBook Collection; MobyMax; Story2 EssayBuilder; IEPPLUS 5 Special Education Management Solution; Spotlight on Space Science Interactive eBooks; Smart Tutor Reading & Math; Writing A-Z; Prepworks.
Spring 2016
Winners of 22nd Annual BESSIES. Reviews: Blockly (Wonder Workshop); Istation (Istation); Ogment (Ogment); Epiphany Learning (Epiphany Learning); ABC-CLIO Solutions (ABC-CLIO); Learn360 (Learn360); ExploreLearning Reflex (ExploreLearning); Science Bits (ISTS); Science4Us (Science4Us).