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Fun With Science (Vtechsoft)
Grades 3-6

Fun With Science is a 6 CD-ROM set, packed with science experiments, hands-on simulations and adventures. There are activities for a wide range of communication and science-oriented topics such as space, flight, inventions, history and earth sciences.
     This science series offers an excellent and unique approach that is creative, fun and appealing to today's 3rd-6th graders. Children can try their hands at building airplanes, creating quartz, arranging biomes, deciphering codes, launching satellites, and designing constellations.
     The 6 titles are: Inventions to Mention, Stories in the Sky, Take Flight!, That's Earthshaking!, That's History, and Get the Message. Each title offers diverse activities and uses animated adventures and video clips to stimulate an interest in, and a love for, the sciences. (A great buy too!)

Blue's 123 Time Activities
Hybrid CD-ROM (Humongous)
Ages 3-6

Blue's 123 Time Activities is a multi-level math program which has been a proven hit with ComputED's kids. Children recognize and enjoy the popular interface with Steve and Blue as they explore the big backyard fair and engage in the many skills-building activities that are offered: Shovel and Pail (counting on a number line, simple math operations, story problems), Mr. Salt & Mrs. Pepper (logical thinking, sorting, classifying, sets and subsets), Tink's Train Ride (counting, simple operations, prediction and evaluation), Baby Bear's Card Game (strategy, counting, matching, shapes and quantities), Bell's Souvenir Stand (estimation, hypothesis testing, weight and measurement), and Pattern Parade (sequencing, ordering, shape recognition and symmetry).
     Rewards provide added incentive to complete activities - earn Blue dollars, then redeem them at the Cash Register's Prize Tent (adding skills in counting money and addition). A very kid-friendly program.

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