Jumpstart Preschool (Knowledge Adventure)
Hybrid CD-ROM
Ages 2-4

ComputED's tots find
Jumpstart Preschool very easy to use, and lots of fun. They can learn their early ABC's and acquire skills for counting, color and shape recognition, mouse usage, logical thinking, sorting, and more, while participating in very motivating activities.
     The games are accessed by simply clicking on an object in the house: Children help the cook by counting and dragging items from the refrigerator (they love this); there are dot-to-dot activities which teach ABC's and numbers; collecting shapes and colors in the wagon; dressing up dolls by matching tops and bottoms of costumes; sorting toys by first letter sounds; music; more. When children complete activities, they earn tickets to go on a magical train ride. (Can be set to 3 levels.)
Ready for School Toddler (Davidson)
Hybrid CD-ROM
Ages 1 1/2 to 3

For the little ones who are not yet ready to tackle ABC's and numbers,
Ready for School Toddler is excellent for teaching early mouse usage and improving coordination and fine motor skills.
     Children are drawn to the opening screen which offers 10 friendly and colorful characters to click on. Games to play include blowing up  & counting balloons at the circus; helping Jose blow bubbles (mouse control); pressing letters on the keyboard (early alphabet); answering the big phone, and more.
     A fun way for children to become acquainted with the computer and mouse usage.

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