"...ComputED Learning Lab...one of the premier computer learning labs in California."
                                  [KFMB-TV News, a CBS affiliate]

    ComputED is a full-service lab for children and adults, serving the San Diego area. Ongoing inservices are offered to classroom teachers and school districts who need assistance in implementing technology in the classroom, or in selecting appropriate educational software. Directors are Marie A. Karr, MA and Joan P. Yap, MS, educators who specialize in technology.
      ComputED's Educational Software Preview Center is open to the public, allowing previewing of the best children's titles before purchasing at retail outlets.
    The Gazette is published quarterly, and is sponsor of two national software awards each year: The Education Review Awards (EDDIEs), and the Best Children's Educational Software Awards (BESSIEs).


Previous issue of the Gazette, Summer 1997.

San Diego Center for Educational Technology a nonprofit, public benefit corporation which conducts research aimed at developing models for integrating computer technology into the classroom, and increasing teacher productivity. Potential collaborators are invited to contact them, as well as educators seeking information. Donations are tax deductible (501(c)(3) exemption).

Teacher's Corner a website created by Intel, which provides instructional tools teachers can use to inspire students to learn more about the science behind computer technology and careers in high technology.

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